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Have you just completed or are you perhaps contemplating a hunt in Africa or some other far-off destination or was this the year when you finally grassed that buck of a lifetime? Should you therefore be considering where you might send your prized trophies, then why not put them in the hands of a taxidermist who is also a keen stalker and whose life has been devoted to the setting up of game trophies?

Will Mathews

William Mathews, TaxidermistMy career started with Rowland Wards' at the age of 16 and I stayed with them for many years during which time I was lucky enough to go to Kenya on one of the last hunting safaris to that country. From Wards I moved to South Africa where I worked for Nico van Rooyen Taxidermy and also for Rowland Ward Publications in an editorial capacity. I am a member of the Guild of Taxidermists and I was a founder member of the Taxidermy Association of South Africa.

I still mount trophies for my own collection and I devote no less time and effort to those of my clients to ensure that I produce the very best work.

I am a fervent believer in hunting as a conservation tool and particularly in Africa. We had a saying there - "If it pays it stays". When I first hunted in South Africa in the '70s there were two hunting companies of any import - today they are legion as is the game which they hunt.

I am based in Buckinghamshire where I was born and grew up and I may be contacted on 01296 655953, 07799 171825 or will@willmathewstaxidermy.co.uk.